Why Fidelis?

Bruce Conklin founded Fidelis in 2012 after spending 20 years with a regional turnaround firm.  Fidelis provides unique economical advisory solutions to companies between $5m and $70m in sales, where price sensitivity is high, but the rehabilitation and restructuring issues are the same as larger companies. Fidelis focuses on helping entrepreneurs recognize and deal with issues in their early stages to prevent them from falling into crisis.

Fidelis is the entrepreneur’s best friend because he respects and values the true mark of a great entrepreneur. It is not what they have built but rather how they face adversity that defines character. Fidelis helps owners rally lenders, employees, customers and trade creditors around saving companies and preserving jobs.

Fidelis helps owners deal with the elements of recovery.

How do I get more cash?
How do I keep their confidence?  I am losing business to competitors?  My fill rates are dropping?
Trade Creditors
What do I promise now?  What if I can’t make payment plans?  What if they stop shipping?
Senior Lenders
What do I tell them?  How do I get more or extended credit?
How do I keep my key workers?  I know they are concerned but I don’t want them to panic and leave?
Family & Friends
I have always provided and been successful?  How do I preserve confidence from the most important people in my life?

When time is of the essence:

Here’s What Fidelis Can Do For You

Extend your runway
Create more options – can never run out of cash
Develop a believable plan
Need to stabilize Senior Lender, Employees, Trade Creditors and Customers
Communicate a strong plan
Need a Great Story, vetted by a third-party expert
Provide coaching
Need someone to help keep your spirits up and work side-by-side to face the challenges.