Why Fidelis?

We get It

Owners don’t waste money on Analysis and Reports

Bruce Conklin founded Fidelis in 2012 to specifically focus on a less expensive way to advise owners of $20m to $100M businesses. The secret is involving all employees in the successful recovery.

What makes us Different

Entrepreneur friendly … Experienced operators … Value for cost

Each Business Unique – define meaningful results
Plan – must address business and personal goals as well
Employees – morale improved as involved in Plan’s success

Communication – simple, concise and consistent with everyone
Knowledge transfer – employees learn new skills and techniques
Fidelis available – at all times including weekends

We wrote the Book – ask for a copy!

Fidelis helps owners deal with the elements of recovery.

How do I get more cash?
How do I keep their confidence?  I am losing business to competitors?  My fill rates are dropping?
Trade Creditors
What do I promise now?  What if I can’t make payment plans?  What if they stop shipping?
Senior Lenders
What do I tell them?  How do I get more or extended credit?
How do I keep my key workers?  I know they are concerned but I don’t want them to panic and leave?
Family & Friends
I have always provided and been successful?  How do I preserve confidence from the most important people in my life?

When time is of the essence:

Here’s What Fidelis Can Do For You

Extend your runway
Create more options – can never run out of cash
Develop a believable plan
Need to stabilize Senior Lender, Employees, Trade Creditors and Customers
Communicate a strong plan
Need a Great Story, vetted by a third-party expert
Provide coaching
Need someone to help keep your spirits up and work side-by-side to face the challenges.