Fidelis Success Stories

$15M Manufacturing Company

Challenge:  Losing Money due to recession; payables past due; senior lender over- advanced

Solution:  Negotiated stand-still with lender; allowed for successful sale of company

$200M Hospital Group

Challenges:  Changes in IP caused 25% drop in billings and collections

Solution:  Created interim financial plan to bridge to solution; Acted as interim CTO to transition solution to billing issues

$8M Furniture Retailer

Challenge:  Recession caused losses; SBA lender threatening foreclosure

Solution:  Created interim plan and negotiated stand-still with lender, allowing for sale of stores

$30M Food Importer and Distributor

Challenges:  Senior lender defaults due to missing loan covenants

Solution:  Assisted company in creating plan and negotiating new loan covenants

$12M Multi-level Marketing Company

Challenge:  Sales declining 2% per month for previous 18 months; lack of capital

Solution:  Worked with new CEO to create action plan to arrest sales growth and return to profitability

$25M Furniture Manufacturer

Challenges:  Continuing Losses; Unsecured creditors significantly past due

Solution:  Stabilized creditor situation; allowed for sale of company; negotiated consensual restructure of unsecured debt to allow sale of company

$20M Flooring Distributor

Challenge:  Company over-leveraged and couldn’t meet debt service

Solution:  Created interim plan and negotiated stand-still with lenders and creditors, allowing company to hire investment banker

$100M Manufacturer of Building Products

Challenge: Created revolutionary product, high fixed cost, limited initial volume, causing significant liquidity crisis

Solution: Worked with owner to bridge credibility gap with senior lender, stabilize cash flow and bring in additional capital

$60M Footwear Designer/Distributor

Challenges: Continuing losses; unsecured creditors significantly past due

Solution: Assisted CEO and CFO in revitalizing relationship with senior lender, created 18 month plan to support additional capital from equity investor

$20M Aerospace Manufacturer

Challenge: Continuing losses due to low margin contracts, high overhead

Solution: Created interim plan and negotiated stand-still with lenders, allowing private equity investor time to manage options