Why do successful entrepreneurs come out ahead after crisis? Its simple …. they preserve capital, right size early, wait out the havoc and pounce when the market turns.

Antidote to Crisis -> These questions

> Do we have sufficient cash to survive?
> Do we have the support and involvement of employees?
> Do we know our customers’ plans?
> Do we have our trade vendors’ support?
> Do we have the confidence of our Senior Lender?
> Do we have scenarios to support all contingencies?
> What are we going to look like when this is all over?

Bruce Conklin’s passion is working alongside business owners and entrepreneurs, who are some of the brightest, fiercest, most driven and fun people to be around.

Bruce’s 30-year career as a Business Trauma Surgeon to over 130 companies has given him a unique insight into why they Wobble and fail, and how they revitalize and return themselves to profitability.

Bruce has learned the best defense is to act quickly and decisively, develop a realistic plan and preserve capital, and the best offense is to be positioned to pounce when the market turns.

He wrote the book – ask for a copy.

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