When Wobble turns into Crisis, even the most accomplished business leader wonders, “Why didn’t I see it coming?“

The CEO, who has always been able to overcome obstacles and challenges in the past, begins to lose sleep and worry.

  • Cash is tight
  • Always balancing building cash for payroll while covering operating needs
  • Senior lender is tightening credit
  • Critical vendors are on COD and want payment plans
  • Customer delivery dates and fill rates are at risk
  • Shipping costs are high due to special handling to meet due dates
  • Employees are nervous and the industry is “talking”

Wouldn’t it be great if the company had more time and more options?

Wouldn’t it be great if Owners had someone on their side who had been through this before?

Often times, the senior lender will force a company to hire outside help. Wouldn’t it be better to get ahead of the curve and feel more in control?

In these situations, a company needs a great plan, vetted by an independent third party and consensus between all interested parties.

Let’s have a conversation.